Although it would be nice, it’s just not possible to spend all your time in the outdoors. There will be times you are indoors, whether it’s relaxing on a rainy day or hunkering down to ride out a bad winter snowstorm. And for that reason, it’s important to make your windows as attractive as possible. If you need some inspiration, read on to find out how.

  1. Consider How Light Interacts with the Area

When designing a room, always keep in mind the purpose of the space and how light interacts with that purpose. People often want their living space to be bright and airy, whereas a bedroom may need to be darker and more restful. Regardless of the intention of the space, the way natural light interacts with the area is going to impact your design needs.

So select window treatments that direct light as necessary in each area. A cellular shade can be a beautiful design piece in a bedroom, while also keeping the space dim and cozy for sleeping; whereas a valance can allow light to pour into a family room or kitchen.

  1. Keep Your Aesthetic Consistent

Imagine the French country kitchen of your dreams with white wooden cabinets, simple clean lines and an oh-so-practical farmhouse sink. And the piece-de-resistance are those rich dark wooden shutters. Always be conscious of how the window treatment you select adds to the refined aesthetic of a space.

Think of how your gorgeous kitchen would look with Venetian blinds or Roman shades. Doesn’t have the same appeal, does it? Incorporating window treatments into the refined style of a space is a great way to keep your details consistent and really define the aesthetic of an area.

  1. Make Your Space Feel Larger

As much as you might wish, not every space has 12-foot vaulted ceilings. But there are ways to trick the eye into perceiving a space as larger. Window treatments can have a massive impact on the perceived size of a space. By choosing the correct window treatments, grommet or tab top curtains, for example, you can make a ceiling feel higher than it is.

Remember to keep these window treatments as high as possible, and let your selected curtains kiss the floor to create a luxurious sense of wide-open space. A curved window treatment can also help a small window feel larger by creating a third dimension in the area.

Although you can’t live outside 24/7, you can enjoy the inside with the right window treatments. Add plenty of plants around the house for better air quality and beauty, too. Being indoors can be relaxing and enjoyable with a few special touches.