You probably know how great Mason jars are for canning a garden harvest or making jam. But did you know you can create affordable and eye-popping decorations with them? The craft ideas with these popular jars are endless, easy and whimsical, too. You can paint them, add lights inside and even decoupage them. So read on to learn how to make great crafts with these versatile glass jars that everyone loves.

  1. Where to Find Some Jars

Mason jars – or any kind of clear glass jars – are usually easy to find for a low price. You can buy them at most big department stores or even get them at garage sales and thrift shops. Either way, you don’t have to settle for anything expensive. Maybe you already have boxes of old, unused jars back from when you canned your garden harvest. Just make sure the jars are clean, and you will be ready to go.

  1. Start Filling the Jar

You need a base to put in the bottom part of your jar. A few fun ideas are to use shells, pebbles, twigs, or sand. You can also add wine bottle corks, coffee beans, or even water. Just add a drop of food coloring for tinted water.

Don’t fill the jar up entirely with the base that you choose, because there is more to come. Once the jar is about half full, it should be just right. Depending on which base you choose, you could simply put a lid on the jar and call it a decoration. Coffee beans and sand especially make fine pieces of decor on their own. But the next step is even more exciting, so you won’t want to skip it.

  1. Add a Decorative Centerpiece

This part is the most fun. It’s time to add a centerpiece. If you want your piece to be purely decorative, choose something like a candle or a brilliant autumn leaf to stick into the base. You could even attach photos to a chopstick and put them inside. Also, you could pick a theme, such as a recent vacation or a holiday.

However, if you want something more practical, consider making the jar a holder for kitchen utensils or makeup brushes. Have fun pairing different centerpieces with the different bases, but make sure you stay within reason. For instance, if you have a bouquet of flowers or small, non-electric tea light, those would match great with a base of water.

The other options, however, probably wouldn’t work so well with anything liquid. So, think outside the box and have fun coming up with a centerpiece for your decoration.

  1. Decorate the Outside, Too

If you want to take things one step further, turn your attention to the outside of the jar. Wrap a ribbon around the jar and tie a bow. Or, use some string or yarn and experiment with placing it at the top, at the bottom, or in the middle.

You can glue on old buttons, dried flowers, beads, or anything else you choose. You can even paint the entire jar. Show off your artistic side and have fun.

Mason jars are for much more than just storing things and canning vegetables. And, once you place the jars and begin hosting in your newly-decorated home, get ready for the compliments to start coming.