When it’s time to makeover a room, making it functional is important, but so is beating the design blahs. Remember, your room is part of your everyday life. So, while you probably have a practical goal for your room makeover ideas like gaining more counter space in the kitchen or decluttering the living room, don’t you want it to pop, too?

The surest way to add pop to your soon-to-be-more-practical room is to fill that space with bold color. These makeover ideas below go beyond your basic painting suggestions. So, summon your bold and brilliant self and see what you can do with these room makeover ideas.

  1. Let the Color Bring Out the Design

Accent walls are commonplace, but the accent on the color you should envision is where the color focuses on other design elements. What if you painted every flat surface in your office a shiny silver? How would that reflect on your productivity?

Can you see yourself in a room where all the chairs are chartreuse? Think about the various design elements in your room and how you can use color to accent one of those elements.

  1. From Piano Keys to Penguins

From tuxedos to piano keys to penguins, black and white is a beautiful color combination. Challenge yourself to bring that beauty using one of the top room makeover ideas. Think of unusual decor items that will enhance the theme.

Hang old record albums mounted in classic white frames or arrange all-white blooms in a solid black vase. And what about that white woodwork you’re not crazy about? Hang solid black blinds in the window and suddenly the room has a classy edge.

  1. Go Monochromatic

Pick a color, any color. Then cover every surface, from the floor to the closet door, in different shades of that color. This works especially well if you have hand-me-down furniture in various shades of one color, none of which really match. Try this and watch them come together just like you planned it.

  1. Use Bold Graphics

Do you love color but can’t commit to just one shade? Make a statement in the room with bold graphics or patterns like a checkerboard, paisley print, or even repeated symbols like triangles or circles. The color choice is up to you. Mix and match to make it your own.

  1. Go Au Natural

Bring the outdoors inside. Pick natural hues like greens, grays and blues. Strip your floors down to their bare-wood beauty. If you have a great natural scene outside your window, treat it like a work of art by making it the focal point of the room.

Do you have a room without a view? Hang a huge photo or painting of a forest or mountain. Decorate with puffy cloud-like throw pillows. Any seasonal plant will look sensational in that corner, by the way.

Are you feeling inspired to immerse yourself in color? With these eye-popping room makeover ideas, you’re on your way to a beautiful new space. Here’s to some makeover magic.