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These Are My Confessions

These Are My Confessions

I still love that song, haha. But I felt like this could be a fun post idea, but maybe not ?I wanted to do a little more of a brain dump type post and liked calling it “confessions.” Let me know…Instead of just throwing up another outfit post, I wanted to write a little more. I am also very exhausted right now and procrastinated on writing this post so I might be a little loopy while writing. Okay, here we go.

Nantucket Carly the Prepster

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ONE // Natural Deodorant

Remember when I switched to natural deodorant? I’ve been using it every day… until this past week. It’s been so humid and hot and I don’t know if any natural deodorant could have handled it! I bought a small travel sized regular deodorant to use on extra hot days and when I wear clothes that I can’t afford to sweat in… I felt too guilty not to divulge this! Hopefully, I’m not the only one who has a “backup” deodorant just in case there’s a day when the natural just won’t cut it.

(Also, when are we going to get a break from this heat?!)

TWO // My Feet

I don’t know how else to title that bullet point. And I’m really not sure what is going on with my feet. I have been getting an insane number of blisters, like even with my favorite tried-and-true shoes. It’s an issue. I feel like I need to go barefoot for a full week to let all the blisters heal… or, I guess, I could always buy stock in Band-Aid.

Seriously though, any tips for blisters?! It’s just so bizarre that it’s happening all of a sudden in such a severe way!

THREE // 10-Year Present

… for myself. I usually splurge on something at the end of every fiscal year. Last year I couldn’t figure out what to get so I skipped it, but two years ago I bought a tennis bracelet that I had had my eye on. I wear it nearly every day so I feel like it was a justified investment. This year, my 10-year blog anniversary is a few days before the year ends and I kind of want to get something super nice to celebrate. An entire decade of having this blog just blows my mind. Since I faced indecision at the end of 2017, I’m starting my brainstorming early! Any fun ideas?!

FOUR // A Little Run Down

While I’m grateful for such an absolutely incredible summer, I am feeling a little bit run down. I am an introvert and homebody through and through. Yet, I don’t think I’ve spent an entire week at home since April. I keep adding more trips to my calendar because I’m having a hard time during down opportunities. I keep thinking, “Oh that week will be a full week at home!” And then… I’m off to somewhere for some cool thing. It’s actually a clear sign that I really love every opportunity because otherwise, I think I’d completely hit a wall! I’m hoping once Labor Day comes and goes that things will calm down a bit.

FIVE // New Coffee Obsession

So I love coffee. Love it. I’ve tried to limit my caffeine intake, but it only makes me crave my two(ish) cups a day even more. I have a new morning coffee routine and it’s rocking my world. I look forward to it as I go to bed the night before. With a glowing recommendation from my friend Meg, I got the Moccamaster coffee maker and the coffee is unbelievably good. I usually like coffee at home but I’d prefer a professionally made cup (like from a cafe), but not anymore. I didn’t realize just how much better a cup of coffee at home could taste. Where I used to drink my coffee black, now I add a splash of oat milk. And I drink it from this new tumbler I bought. I think it might be for wine originally, but it also works for hot liquid! Between the coffee, the oat milk, and the new tumbler, it’s a great cuppa!

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