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On My Radar

On My Radar

Just as a reminder, I’m taking off the next week for the holidays. I hope you guys get to sign off from the internet for a bit too to enjoy time with friends and family!

The photo below is from our trip to Lake Placid. This is post-skiing (I use that term lightly since everything except the bunny slope was closed due to wind), hence the no makeup and messy braids. I had already ditched my ski boots and pants! I’m including it in the post, even though I think I look like a hot mess (lol) because a bunch of people DMed me about what to wear skiing. I’m no skiing expert, but I have figured out how to stay warm, even when the windchill is below zero.

I wrote this post last year and it’s still exactly what I wear. I did a terrible job at packing my ski bag last week and left out my fleece layer; I thought it was in my other bag, but alas, nowhere to be found. I did pack a sweatshirt (it’s freaking adorable) that I could layer over my base layers and it did the trick. I bought my ski jacket with a 40% off friends and family code (shout out to Little V who helped me out) and it is the best for skiing in cold weather.

White Face Skiing

I also bought these boots on major sale at the end of winter a couple of years ago. My sister borrowed them for her trip to Iceland and this was my first time wearing them. They’re fantastic. Great at keeping my feet warm and super comfortable with tons of traction for icy sidewalks.

Okay anyway, I’m rambling. Here’s what is on my radar this week:

ONE // Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli

I hope that everyone got to watch this video already, but just in case you haven’t, I’m including it in today’s post. It should not be missed! Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli are two of my favorites and the two of them together are ridiculously good. Best collaboration ever; goosebumps.

TWO // Reboot of The Office

I’m crossing my fingers that NBC does, in fact, end up rebooting The Office. I’m trying to find a new show to watch and I’m considering rewatching The Office…..

THREE // Little Women on PBS

Speaking of reboots, PBS is going to be airing an all-new Little Women mini-series in May. I’m already counting down the days. I found the 1994 movie on Amazon Prime and have been watching a few minutes before bed every night. I forgot just how good it is!

FOUR // Quilted Zip Hoodie

I do not need another Patagonia, but I love how cute this quilted zip-up is!

FIVE // Abandoned Mall Turned into a Winter Wonderland

Casey Neistat and his friends converted an abandoned mall into a winter wonderland for the local Boys and Girls club. If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, nothing will. The absolute joy in their eyes is everything the Christmas spirit is about.

SIX // Best Leggings Ever

I have been essentially living in these leggings over the past few weeks. They go with everything and are incredibly comfortable. Definitely a step up from a regular pair of black cotton leggings.

SEVEN // Italian Silk Scarf in Colorado Ski Print

This scarf went right into my shopping cart for immediate purchasing. I think eventually I’d like to have it framed, maybe above a bed in a guest room? But for now, I’ll use it on my favorite handbags.

EIGHT // Epic Holiday Decorations

This guy wins for best Christmas decorations of ALL time. Wow. I love that they even have a room dedicated to Christmas year round.

PS Remember how I said that we’d have 387 posts? It’s actually 386 now because the sponsored post got pushed into January! Felt like I had to get that off my chest in case one of you ended up counting ha!

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