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What’s in My Gym Bag

What’s in My Gym Bag

As I’ve been spending more time at the gym (who am I?), I’ve been working on perfecting my gym bag situation. If I’m in a rush that day, I just waltz into the gym with my regular purse and hope for the best. But when I have time, especially if I’m planning on taking back to back classes or meeting someone after, I have to be prepared.

Here’s an idea of what I pack:

Gym essentials


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What’s in My Gym Bag

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Minimergency Kit // I have these everywhere so it makes sense that I’d have one in my gym bag! These things are always good to have in a pinch. (I had a friend borrow the sewing kit to mend a broken sports bra strap once!)

Portable iPhone Charger // I keep my phone in a locker while I’m working out. So if I’m running on the low side of things, I’ll charge my phone during my class.

Makeup wipes // This is the one toiletry that I always bring. These wipes are incredible. I mostly use them after class just to get the sweat off my face, especially when I’m not taking a shower right away.

Extra socks, sports bra, and underwear // Almost always I just wear the same clothes between classes, but on occasion (aka after a hot yoga class) I want to start fresh.

Hair ties // I mean, these are just an essential.

Water Bottle // The S’well water bottle is my favorite for working out right now. It keeps my water cold, even in the hot yoga room. I also like that it’s not plastic.

Book or magazine // If there are more than twenty minutes between classes, I’ll sit down and catch up on a little reading. They do have Wifi, so sometimes I’ll get emails done, but it always gets me thinking about work and feeling stressed when I’m trying to decompress.

Toiletries // The locker room at my gym is pretty well stocked. They have everything from deodorant and mouthwash to tampons and razors. It makes it easier for me packing-wise and lightens the load. But if I’m going to a friend’s gym or taking a class somewhere else, I’ll pack all my regular toiletries in travel size! I like to keep a hairbrush, lip balm, aspirin, and band-aids in my bag too.

Do you keep any must-haves in your gym back that I forgot?

PS I don’t have the yoga bag in the graphic, but how adorable is it?!

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