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How to make green building a no-brainer: Lessons from Vancouver

A few years ago TreeHugger reviewed Emily Talen’s wonderful book CITY RULES: How Regulations Affect Urban Form and learned how rules are what make cities. I noted that “It makes totally clear that architects and designers don’t determine how small or big or what form to make our houses, the …

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Color Crush: Sage Green

Black and white are my obvious favorite colors, but let’s say those don’t count- my top choice then would be green.  I have a very long term love with green and more recently have been reminded of that from noticing it extra, everywhere.  Per usual, this tends to happen with whatever …

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Michael Green goes way beyond tall wood

Five years ago, when I last interviewed architect Michael Green, he had not yet built a tall wood building. In fact, there were not many of them anywhere, but Michael had just written the book on it with the very long title: THE CASE FOR Tall Wood BUILDINGS: How Mass …

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