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July Favorites

A few of my favorite things from the month of July: BLUETOOTH SPEAKER I once shared that our home cannot live without a bluetooth speaker and this is still true.  It is crucial for my work-at-home life, promoting dancing while we cook, and filling the air when we have people …

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May Favorites

A few of my favorite things during the month of May: Brass Watering Can Been needing one of these for while!  I’ve always used the big pitcher one from IKEA but for smaller plants, it’s way easier having a skinny long spout like this to slow the flow of water and …

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March Favorites

HOME- Linen bedsheets I splurged on new linen sheets and justified them as an early birthday gift to myself AND I don’t regret it at all.  You already know how deeply I love linen bedding, wrinkles and all, but this blush color put me over the edge.  I haven’t come across …

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Spring Home Decor Favorites

I don’t mean by the title that these items are specifically suited for Spring, but rather these are the decor items I like right now and right now it’s Spring.  Actually it could mean both, so really I didn’t need to clarify anything.  Where am I going with this?? I always …

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