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Autism: An Update on Our Son

It was 2002 when our lives changed suddenly! We had an amazing little boy, who was suddenly diagnosed with autism. I had never heard of autism, nor had I ever known anyone who had a child with autism. It plunged us into such an known world of therapies, sensory issues, …

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Organized Potty Training

This is written by my talented assistant, Tiffany, who was blessed with a surprise little one 2 years ago. Please feel free to pin and share with other young Mommies that have little ones and are getting ready to potty train because she's got some brilliant ideas.Well, its time.  Our …

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A Special Note from Me

If you are an American, today is a special day. Today is a day we reflect on being THANKFUL for the freedom we have, the country that we live in, and the people who helped fight for us to have our freedom. I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving …

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