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Breathtaking Views in Budapest Remodel

This remodeled apartment sits in a prime location, right in the heart of Budapest. This vantage point offers stellar views of the city, including the historic and beautiful Parliament building, while the terrace has a calming view of the nearby river.The brainchild of Margeza Design Studio, there are several signature touches …

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What should designs for children look like?

TreeHugger recently looked at an architect-designed play structure which I felt was designed more for adults to have something nice to look at than for kids to play in. It reminded me of my most treasured book, Volume 3 of the Répertoire du goût moderne. This is a collection of …

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Stair of the week is a spectacular spiral

We have written: “Making good stairs is an important part of green design; you want people to use them instead of elevators in bigger buildings, and you want to get tighter, more efficient plans in smaller ones.” And then there is this, perhaps the most expensive and ridiculous but gorgeous… …

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