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Stair of the week emerges fluidly like a tree from seed

Stairs may be a utilitarian thing, but that doesn’t mean they have to look boring. Case in point is this fluid beauty of a stair by London-based Atmos Studio (previously), created as centrepiece for a recently opened restaurant in town. © Alex Haw Dubbed StairStalk, the sinuous staircase winds its …

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Kitchen Decor Just Got a Lot Easier With GE’s Matte Collection

Kitchens are important to both homeowners and homebuyers. In fact, many homebuyers will walk away from a house based solely on the condition and style of the kitchen. That’s because the kitchen isn’t just a place where you prepare and eat food. It’s the home’s central location: where you bond …

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20 of the Coolest Indoor Fireplaces

Indoor fireplaces have been a mainstay in homes for centuries. In the early days, they served purely functional roles in the home before modern-day heating systems. But now, even with automatic heating systems, the feeling of relaxing beside a fire is hard to resist.Today, fireplaces occupy a special place as …

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6 Home Office Organization Ideas

If there’s one room in the house that can get messy fast, it’s the home office. It’s a magnet for all sorts of papers, even in the digital age. Electronic devices and wires can end up accumulating in heaps. Books may get strewn about in piles. All in all, many …

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