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Minimal Kitchens

Been looking at kitchens more than usual, not that we can do anything with ours right now, but it’s the room I’m maybe most excited about in future home that I’m always taking notes for.  I also have a DIY for you soon that was unexpectedly inspired by one of these …

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How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresher, Longer

When I was a kid, I thought one of the ultimate status symbols of being “rich” was to always have fresh flowers in the home. Adults seemed to complain — especially on days like Valentine’s Day — how ridiculous it was to waste money on something so frivolous and short-lived. So, with my… …

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Stair of the week is really a big sculpture

  We love stairs, the zero-energy way of vertically. I have written that “Making good stairs is an important part of green design; you want people to use them instead of elevators in bigger buildings, and you want to get tighter, more efficient plans in smaller ones.” This stair, by …

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Friday Finds

Tomorrow is Galentine’s Day with my girlfriends for brunch and then we’re going to watch Fifty Shades Darker haaaa.  I haven’t watched the first one.  Should I?  I never got on that craze and don’t know much about it.  I think I’m going to be laughing a lot. I’ve been loving reading …

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